Local & Long Distance Towing, Lusaka, Zambia

When it comes to long distance towing projects, we are not limited to Lusaka. Our tow trucks will tow your vehicle from anywhere in Zambia to a destination of your choice, not leaving the occupants behind. Our reliable and powerful tow trucks are designed to perform heavy duty towing operations with great ease and safety.

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Best Motor Vehicle Towing Servives in Lusaka, Zambia


Light Duty Car Towing

Have you just left your car lights on and you are in need of a boost? Or you might have locked your keys inside. Did you just had a flat tyre? Or it is one of those days when you discover that your motor vehicle is not fit to be in the local pond. Rescue Kings will not seize to rescue you in times like these. We have a light duty towing will offer you a pleasant service. We will handle all the pros you are going through and in no time you will be back in the road where you surely need to be! Our light duty towing service include:

  • Winching
  • 4X4 Winching
  • Dolly Service
  • Local and long distance towing
  • Relocate Portable Office Structures on Wheels

Medium Duty Motor Vehicle Towing

This service is capable of moving buses. In the event that your bus or buses are having problem. This the right machine that will surely offer you what you are looking for. When it comes to medium towing in Zambia. Our experience and services are the best. All you need to do is to make sure that you move with pros and surely, the Rescue Kings team will get everything done right the way you want it.

Medium duty towing is capable to handle all the light duty vehicles including the following:

  • Up to 82 Passenger Buses
  • Service Bodies
  • Day Cabs
  • Air Equipped
  • Local and long distance towing

Heavy Duty Vehicle Towing

If you are into truck business and your fleet patrol across African boarders. You definitely need a towing cover. In the event a risk take place, Rescue Kings carries large towing units that can move semi’s, they definitely move the big iron and get it where you want it to be. If you need the job to get done and you want your heavy duty irons to be taken care of, then get the right guys to do it. Contact Rescue Kings today.

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