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Any way of commenting on your Zambia car breakdown recovery services?2020-05-06T07:44:09+02:00

You can freely comment or leave a review our car breakdown recovery services in Zambia on our Facebook page , send us a whatsapp or email us on [email protected]

Who can use this vehicle breakdown recovery service?2020-05-06T07:44:16+02:00

Anyone with an emergency, be it an accident, breakdown, run out of fuel, flat battery, flat tyre, or you have just become tired of driving we will come and “rescue” you.

What is your response car breakdown recovery service time?2020-05-06T07:44:23+02:00

Our Car Breakdown Recovery Services are within the confines of Lusaka, our average lead time is 25 minutes. However, endeavour to attend to our clients within the shortest possible time anywhere in Zambia.

Are your Car Breakdown Recovery Services services in Lusaka only?2020-05-06T07:44:30+02:00

Our base is in Lusaka but our Car Breakdown Recovery Services covers Zambia, nationwide.

Are your Car Breakdown Recovery Services not too expensive ?2020-05-06T07:44:36+02:00

Not at all, it depends on the nature and requirements of a particular job, but vehicle towing/recovery within Zambia starts from as little as K400.

Do you provide vehicle towing/recovery service during the night as well ?2020-05-06T07:44:43+02:00

Our roadside assistance and recovery service is 24hrs, 7 days a week in Zambia and you can give us a call on the same contact/emergency lines 0972 898 000.

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